Can Pep Rey has always been devoted to creating a quality product that is durable, versatile and clean. We are committed to fair working conditions and only operate with factories that we have visited and know the owners of. 
Our production is based in Belgium, Japan, Italy and Portugal; businesses that are family run and usually do not have teams of more than 50 people working with them. We work with four different suppliers as they all bring different values to our brand in terms of “savoir-faire”.
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We have switched the packaging for our goods to recycled and sustainable options and reduced them to their bare minimum.  
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We are proud of what we managed to achieve over the past year making Can Pep Rey a more sustainable brand. With each year we find a different aspect of our company and personal life where we see room for improvement, reducing our footprint on the planet and our options to improve our industry as a whole.
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We aim to be transparent with you all and are open to any questions you may want to ask and are also open to your suggestions and comments on how to improve our business. Please direct all these questions to