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Highlights 2020

Responsibility for a change.

Skip talk about Sustainability, try Responsibility.

We are proud of what we managed to achieve over the past year making Can Pep Rey a more sustainable brand. With each year we find a different aspect of our company and personal life where we see room for improvement, reducing our footprint on the planet and our options to improve our industry as a whole.

We hope that with the clothes and products we offer at Can Pep Rey we can inspire a more responsible approach to consumerism, focusing on long term quality and timeless pieces rather than seasonal and badly made clothes for the moment. We see it as our responsibility to produce only the best and to engage with our valued suppliers and customers into a dialogue to create great clothes that bring joy to those who wear it while having a minimal impact on our earth.

We are happy to present to you our main achievements of 2020 and are already working on many more project for 2021.



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