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Our production is based in Belgium, Japan, Italy and Portugal; businesses that are family run and usually do not have teams of more than 50 people working with them. We work with four different suppliers as they all bring different values to our brand in terms of “savoir-faire”.


The Japanese supplier makes a lot of our unique jersey, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and dresses. As Japan is also a big market for Can Pep Rey all goods that we sell in Japan directly stay there to avoid unnecessary CO2- Emission through transport.



Our knitwear factory in Belgium is based in the outskirts of Ghent. Here two brothers are continuing their family heritage and knit with old and new machine for us and Belgium ́s greatest designers. Their know-how enables us to create high quality knitwear with wool and cotton fibers coming from Italy.



In Italy we make alongside other internationally renowned luxury brands our classic unisex t-shirts and all our print collaborations for our In Residence program are also made there.



Adelaide and Pedro, mother and son, are the heads of our manufacturing in Portugal. Their business produces all our woven designs, so all our shirts, dresses, pants and jumpsuits with fabrics that we source personally in Italy. They also always create a line of easy wardrobe staples in jersey that we source directly in Portugal.