Our production is based in Belgium, Japan, Italy and Portugal. These are businesses that are family run and operate on a smaller scale. Working with four different suppliers gives us the opportunity to create working relationships with our production lines.


Our Japanese supplier makes unique jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and dresses. Japan is a very important market for Can Pep Rey. Therefore all the goods that we sell in Japan are sold directly, avoiding CO2 emissions caused by transport.

Our knitwear factory is based in Ghent, on the outskirts of Belgium. A factory run by brothers who have decided to continue their family heritage and knit with old and new machinery. Their skilled crafting allows us to create high quality knitwear with wool and cotton fibres, originally from Italy. 

In Italy, we make our unisex t-shirts alongside other internationally renowned luxury brands. Our collaborative t-shirts are printed in the same factory.

Adelaide and Pedro are the Mother and Son who head our factory in Portugal. Their business produces all our woven designs. This includes all of our shirts, dresses, pants and jumpsuits. We source these fabrics exclusively in Italy.