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Picnic in Art bites back

March 03, 2021
Nature is everywhere. Just about everyone has a garden, park, forest,  beach or even roundabout. And every ´green´ no matter how crude or sophisticated, comes equipped with all the elements of prim...
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The Question of Love

February 15, 2021
Whilst, listening to John Lennon’s song “God” ending with, “I just believe in me / Yoko and me.” He doesn’t believe in people, just love. Suddenly, a thought struck me: for the first time in my lif...
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Moving forward playlist

January 07, 2021
Terrible weather, a seemingly endless and annoying pandemic and international politics going mad. We keep up the good vibes and keep moving forward with a new electro, synth and pop playlist. Enjoy...
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´Stick to your guns´- LUIS FABINI

January 05, 2021
“Stick to your guns”.  The notion expressed above serves as a starting point in a conversation with Fabini about his photography practice. If we defined artist differently, then there might be a w...
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Discussion about abortion

November 25, 2020
Problems of sexual ethics, the liability of partners, and so on, are issues of fundamental importance no one denies. The matter comes down not to renouncing offspring in general, but to giving bir...
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Pictures that count

November 03, 2020
During the early days of photography, its practice was reserved for professionals, that is, commercial photographers. The procedural equipment was expensive and to operate it required notions of ph...
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Portrait of an artist, Rose Madone

October 21, 2020
   Straight forward and immediate. Her drawings of  people, parts of body,  objects and events are a reminder of the process of rediscovering and proving of great interest to the contemporary publ...
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