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The truth is that we at Can Pep Rey as a sustainable and conscious brand also feel at times a bit overwhelmed as the list dos and don't keeps growing. Luckily your next sustainable fashion investme...
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Mysterious Anette Peacock

Anette Peacock is probably the most remarkable — and mercurial — living singer and composer you’ve almost certainly never heard. It's really not too much of an exaggeration to consider her as a co...
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In confinement - A daydream

Can Pep Rey, Ibiza, 2020. A stack of books. A photograph pinned to the wall. A palm in the wind. A rubble of stones made into a sculpture. A dance with a shadow. A key. A blanket. A shirt; crumpl...
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Our picnic recipes

Our picnic recipes is Can Pep´s Rey compound of picnic cooking instructions featuring 10 recipes for simple but thoughtful dishes for your picnic ventures under the sun and not, some staples from S...
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Meeting artist Maty Chevriere

The work of Maty Chevriere has always been significant to us. In fact, since last year she has been present among the editorial pictures we have for the upcoming SS21 Picnic collection. She produce...
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Picnic in Art bites back

Nature is everywhere. Just about everyone has a garden, park, forest,  beach or even roundabout. And every ´green´ no matter how crude or sophisticated, comes equipped with all the elements of prim...
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The Question of Love

Whilst, listening to John Lennon’s song “God” ending with, “I just believe in me / Yoko and me.” He doesn’t believe in people, just love. Suddenly, a thought struck me: for the first time in my lif...
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