Multidisciplinary creative project that constantly collaborates with artists or social purposes. 

Respira Abaceria

We supported a neighbourhood initiative in Gràcia (Barcelona) named "Respira Abaceria"; is a small activist group that advocates for changing an old dilapidated market in Gràcia into a green space for the neighbourhood.

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Ibiza Preservation

10% of the profits from the Ibiza Pop Up 2022 were donated for the preservation of the "Pitiusas Islands".


Animales del Alma

ADA is a non- profit animal rescue center focused on giving abandoned, mistreated or lost animals a loving place to live until they find a forever home.

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One Tree Planed

We are partners of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. For one purchase you make with us, you plant a tree.

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