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Respira Abaceria

Supporting the local 

This year, Can Pep Rey is taking local action. We supported a neighbourhood initiative in Gràcia, Barcelona named Respira Abaceria. Respira Abaceria is a small activist group that advocates for changing an old dilapidated market in Gràcia into a green space for the neighbourhood. We provided t-shirts, flyers and posters for their local campaign and petition. Want to have an impact on green friday? 20% of our profits this week will go to Respira Abaceria! 



The Abaceria market was inaugurated in 1892 and served the neighbourhood of Gràcia for 126 years. However, as part of a municipal restoration program and found asbestos in the roof, the market was closed down. The market frame is the only remnant which the government is still planning to restore. However, as Gràcia is a densely built neighbourhood, people are advocating for the need of a green space instead of a restoration project.

You can follow the project on instagram:


Facts about green spaces

Green spaces are essential for urban areas. They have positive effects on both human health and the environment. We have prepared a list including some benefits associated with adding a green space to a neighbourhood, such as the Respira Abaceria mission in Gràcia, Barcelona. 

Health benefits

  1. Reduces levels of anxiety and stress: spending time in green spaces releases brain chemicals associated with lower stress and balanced blood pressure.
  2. Fewer mental health problems: in Japan, walking through nature is called 'forest bathing' which is proven to improve immune function by increasing the amount of natural killer cells which can prevent diseases. 
  3. Physical activity stimulation: in Europe, 1 in every 15 deaths is associated with a lack of physical activity. Green spaces encourage more physical activity by inviting people to walk, cycle and participate in sports. 
  4. Building of social relationships: green spaces connect people and are great for promoting social neighbourhood activities. Especially for elderly. 

Environmental benefits 

  1. Temperature and climate change: Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their roots, leaves and the soil. This is called carbon sequestration and decreases the urban heat island effect, which refers to the heat absorption of urban materials and increases the temperature of the city. 
  2. Air quality: trees have on air quality as they remove polluting particles from the air as they stick to their leaves.
  3. Biodiversity: parks, green spaces, even trees on a roundabout can support a large range of biodiversity in urban areas, especially pollinators like bees. 


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