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The House


In the countryside of Ibiza there is a picturesque house named Can Pep Rey. 

It is an old finca, characterized by its thick white brick walls, a disused well and stone oven outside, a record collection created through several generations and furniture that has never been changed. A place that is truly timeless. 

Can Pep Rey is a melting pot of ideas, spirits and feelings. Once you’re inside the house, it enchants you and it's hard to escape. A spot that removes the pressures of the modern world, bringing its inhabitants to step back mentally into a slower and easier time. Modern habits are replaced by new and old. Simplicity and spontaneity prevail.

With Can Pep Rey we aim to propose a collection of clothes and items that match these feelings and desires. Clothes made from great qualities, adaptable to any situation. An easy wardrobe that gives comfort in any occasion. 


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