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"La Cortina" - Spring Summer 24 Collection

"La Cortina" - Spring Summer 24 Collection

"Behind a curtain it's uncertain"

Peering through a curtain can breed uncertainty. It possesses a softness greater than a wall, yet it harbors more secrecy than a window. A barrier standing between the external and internal realms, it acts as a gatekeeper, determining what remains inside or ventures out. It serves as a filter, revealing only what we choose to display or what we are permitted to perceive.

There is a unanimous understanding of the collective thrill experienced when a curtain rises in a theater, forging an emotional connection within that fleeting moment. The act of unveiling the unknown lasts mere seconds, yet it stirs a multitude of sentiments such as anxiety, hope, and desire. It grants us a glimpse into another world, another mind. Raising a curtain can expose truth and vulnerability, signifying strength.


With this collection, our aim is to cultivate curiosity about what lies within, beyond the curtain. If we apply this analogy to human beings, we seek to inspire others to be inquisitive about the inner selves of their fellow individuals. Regardless of cultural background, each society possesses its own unique manifestation of a curtain, varying in materials, aesthetics, and closing mechanisms. From metal, wood, fabric, knitted, to plastic curtains, their forms and shapes are boundless.




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