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"No Hay Prisa, es Ibiza"

"No Hay Prisa, es Ibiza"

Fall Winter 2023 - "No Hay Prisa es Ibiza"

A collection dedicated to the calmness, of the Winter this island is gifting us.. Ibiza is mainly known for its loud party industry.

Most people forget that the most honest moment to discover the island, its peop- le and nature is in Winter.
Only then, when there is only you, can you feel the slowness and silence. You can only hear when there is less noise around.

160.000 permanent residents 800.000 visitors in summer.

Imagine the slowness, the silence and the beauty of nature taking over again.
It feels like you taking a filter off, and all colours gain intensity.
Lush green fields with yellow flowers, beautiful skies with shades of blue, grey and orange. The wet earth in red and brown tones.
These, earth colours were the inspiration of the 3 colour schemes of the collection.

Space for conversations on the gustation and in the supermarket.

The dress code is layers. It starts with a t-shirt, with a long sleeve on top, knitwear jumper and a cotton jacket. For windy, colder days you might add a beanie or a scarf. Combined with easy-going pants and flat shoes that you wear all day long.

All these layers are usually worn in the morning, hour by hour one layer after another is taken off. You end up having lunch in a t-shirt under the warm, Winter sun. You slowly add your layers step by step, hour by hour as dawn approaches.
Easy going shapes that creates a relaxed silhouettes.
Building on past collections we based the collection 98% on natural fibres. Versatile pieces, defined with a lot of zip and pocket elements to have space or make space.
Wool Blend with Viscose for warm, floaty garments. Mixed with chunky Virgin Wool knits and lighter cashmere sweaters.
Jumpsuits, sets and dresses make dressing an easy act, in order to give a good base for your onion layers.

Accompanied with a baseline of wardrobe essentials can be combined with all collections pieces.




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