Garment care guide on how to make your pieces last as long as they were designed to. Everything in our collection is crafted with longevity in mind. 

We separate each season in Basics and Collection. 


The "Basics" include seasonless essentials like T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Underwear you want to wear every day. This group contains a lot of carry overs from previous seasons, only variating a bit in colors and details. Our Italian classic T-Shirts, Japanese Classic Sweaters and anymore shapes are part of this.
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The "Collection“ contains wardrobe essentials that are more sophisticated than a basic. Of course the styles are made to be with you forever in timeless style, but the fabrics and cuts are a bit more demanding than in the basics group. The collection part contains dresses, suits, coats and knitwear, which are made in Italy, Belgium and Portugal.
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