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Happenings Düsseldorf 01-09 Dec.

31st August


Maron Space Abstract artist.

The beginning of everything was Set Design, studies carried out in Madrid and Krakow.

In this last city the daring happened, the Painting. Hence an abstract artistic duo MARCO, made up of Covadonga Castro and me. Years of painting with four hands and two brains that were one, Exhibitions such as "Inventing painting" at the Antonio Machón Gallery in Madrid.

After years of work that symbiosis was dismembered. My spatial abstract restoration begins. A lot of drawn architecture, totally technical papers that go away without simplifying and the strokes enter, the lines are already space and paint.

Clay also appears, three dimensions, abstract architectures with The Game embedded as matter.

Now I'm at it, strokes that are abstraction and space at the same time.


5 Seconds with Carle Naide

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ibiza?


When I'm creating, I listen to ....

Depends so much, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, classical, bossa nova, La vida...

When I'm conceptualising my creative ideas my mind feels like....

...connected to the depths of the Ideal (idea)

What can we expect from your performance/ exhibition in Ibiza?

Coloured lines

What does the phrase "No hay prisa es Ibiza” mean to you?

"Me da la vida" - gives me life.


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