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Happenings Düsseldorf 01-09 Dec.

10th August


Carle Naide's work in Madrid 1994 is a satire of collective imagination, an ode to art without an artist, and an exploration of the past to understand the present and future. Naide revives primitive art, creating fictional stories from anonymous photographs, inviting viewers to decode his spectral-looking pieces.


5 Seconds with Carle Naide


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ibiza? 

Ibiza means to me a land of freedom, although it incurs constant contractions when I see so directly the destruction of the island. 

When I'm creating, I listen to ....

I almost always listen to music in physical format and feed off its covers and textures. I mainly listen to Jazz and Flamenco

When I'm conceptualising my creative ideas my mind feels like....

I feel like I'm filling in gaps, taking up stories that have been left open. 

What can we expect from your performance/exhibition in Ibiza? 

I think the beauty of exhibitions and showing your work lies in the connections that are formed. Both personal and with the work. 

What does the phrase "No hay prisa es Ibiza” mean to you? 

It's a necessary slogan in turbulent and immediate times. You have to know how to enjoy a good siesta.


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