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Contemporary Sound, Modern Obscure Music

Contemporary Sound, Modern Obscure Music

Barcelona’s contemporary record label, Modern Obscure Music, was founded by Pedro Vian as a passion project for releasing his own compositions. Fast forward nine years, and he’s now working with his small team in the center of the city, managing big names such as Laurie Siegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Wolfgang Tillmans. If there’s something that we love at CAN PEP REY, it's a good event, music, and a room full of interesting people. Once in a while, when the record label organises an event, you can find all these ingredients there. Press play and enjoy this carefully curated playlist of Modern Obscure Music’s Selected Works.

When was Modern Obscure Music founded, and what principles did you have in mind when starting it?

Modern Obscure Music was founded with the initial idea of releasing my own music. However, it quickly evolved into a platform to release music from friends with similar taste in music. I started receiving demos from artists all over the world, which contributed to the creation of our own sound and identity that has been consolidated over the course of nine years.

How has the music evolved over the years?

From the beginning until today, the identity of Modern Obscure Music has remained strong. I think this is because I am still the one who decides what is released on the label, and my musical taste has not changed. However, the quality has improved over time, and many artists I have always admired have joined this adventure. I am grateful every day for the participation of musicians, graphic artists, photographers, journalists, and festival bookers who have been part of Modern Obscure Music during these nine years. I never expected artists of the stature of Laurie Siegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, or Wolfgang Tillmans, to name but a few, to be part of the label.

Who is working in the office day to day? How do you think Barcelona has influenced the development of Modern Obscure Music?

In the office, we are a small but very efficient team. Currently, we have a label manager, an A&R, a publishing person, and a creative director. Barcelona has given us a privileged location on the music map. It is a European city with a pleasant climate that provides us with a peaceful place to work. It also has great festivals, concert halls, clubs, and excellent record shops. The city has influenced the development of Modern Obscure Music by providing a good environment for music and being a place where you can connect with artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Which artist do you want to listen to first thing in the morning? 

I love tuning in to Maria Somerville's Early Bird radio show on NTS. But every day, I choose a different record from my collection, depending on the mood I wake up in.

Your favourite spot to wind down and listen to good music in Barcelona?

At home is where I most enjoy relaxing and listening to music. In terms of venues in Barcelona, there are several places, but I think there is room for many more. The city council imposes considerable limitations, making it difficult for bars to have proper sound systems and offer a quality music experience to their customers. I think cities like Mexico City or Berlin would be ideal.

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