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Spring Dinner at Can Pep Rey

Spring Dinner at Can Pep Rey

As the seasons change and we begin to embrace the warmer days, we welcome our new season collection. Titled ‘Rediscovery’, it is our intention to look within, look wider and reimagine all that is around us.

To welcome the Spring season, we are opening our rooftop in Gracia to host a dinner for our community in Barcelona. We will be enjoying an evening of natural wine, delicious food and a flamenco guitar performance by Rafael Ulecia Del Carpio. An evening of Rediscoverying your senses with Can Pep Rey. Watch the sunset over Gracia and enjoy an abundance of seasonal dishes prepared by our designer and favourite in-house chef, Lea Russ. Our neighbours at Talisman Wine in Gracia, will be providing wine pairings for the evening. Simone, will be joining us for the evening to share information about each of the wine selections. We look forward to welcoming you all for this very special evening to celebrate our Rediscovery collection. 

For our event writer, Zsuzsanna Toth she has written a poem, to help our guests visualise what the evening will bring. 

Reserve your seats now, so you don’t miss out on this exclusive event:


Perhaps flavours are a trick of the mind
A meal just a medium
A sensual metaphor for the one moment that can never be repeated
No recipe will do
The sound of forks and hands
Curiously cruising across selected plates
Crumbles finding their ways
Secretly forming a path that leads nowhere but here
Conversations melting into each other
Serviettes touching lips
Then sliding and shying away
Like this day that has just passed
Eating together is nostalgia in its most present form 
Produce is picked
The cook’s work is done
The moment is starts it is already an end
But ultimately a celebration of both
Ephemeralness and continuity
A discovery of what has been and what is has become
The flavour of us together here
It has the sweetest taste
- Zsuzsanna Toth


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