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When an illustration becomes a photography

When an illustration becomes a photography

Julia is a force of nature. Like gasoline to a match, she explodes the stereotypes along her path as she goes. Feminine, vulnerable yet deeply badass and down to earth, a contemporary version of our mother, the curious one who got a very bad rap for eating an apple. 

Although, Julia is not keen to buy into any mythologies, which do not resonate with her deeper truth. She believes only in what she can see. She is a natural-born star behind the lens. Curious, like Eve (the mother of all humanity) we experiment with an illustration that became her photography. This is all we have. She hopes you will understand. 


Illustration and photography: Sydney Farro 

Model: Julia Majewska and Rai Vintro 

Concept and text: Marta Marszalek 



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