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In confinement - a movie by Can Pep Rey

In confinement - A daydream

Can Pep Rey, Ibiza, 2020.

A stack of books. A photograph pinned to the wall. A palm in the wind. A rubble of stones made into a sculpture. A dance with a shadow. A key. A blanket. A shirt; crumpled, hanging.

All these everyday items, collaged into moving image find home in our character’s fictionalised memories, scenes set for some uncanny action or some melancholy in her personal story.

This film was born in quarantine of 2020. A group of creatives that sneaked to the finca Can Pep Rey to secretly meet - with the intention of sharing thoughts and feelings of what they were experiencing during the very first lockdown in Spain. Filmed on 16mm. 

Directed by Iva Fischer

Cinematography: Giacomo Gex

Sound design and original music: Antonio Prosper & Sam Morris

Colorist: Daniel Pallucca

Cast: Imke Lighthart

Co-created with Paul & Lea from Can Pep Rey. Commissioned by Can Pep Rey.


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