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In Residence: Jacques Bourboulon

In Residence: Jacques Bourboulon

The Can Pep Rey - In Residence Series aims to bring forward and promote artist from around the world that we feel connected to. 


Free spirit naked Can Pep Rey ibiza


For our Spring Summer 2018 Collection we worked with French photographer Jacques Bourboulon, who lived at Can Pep Rey from 1973 - 1989. It is a personal project between the previous and new residents of this remarkable house, connected by a passion for its architecture, atmosphere and surrounding nature.

During his period in Ibiza the island was a refuge for hippies, artists and other free spirits from all over the world. His photographs are a testament to the freedom and experimentation of this time.


Jacques Bourboulon

In 08.12.1946 Jacques Bourboulon was born in Mayenne, France.

While working as an organist at a church in New York Jacques bought his first camera and began taking his first images in 1966. A year later he returned to France where he promptly started shooting for the likes of Dior, Carven and Vogue. 

In 1974 he abandoned fashion photography to dedicate himself almost exclusively to his personal work. His chosen subject: nudes. 

Jacques Bourboulon animals


Jacques Bourboulon nature


From 1975 onward he started travelling and exhibiting his work around the world. In the following years he collaborated with over 150 magazines in over 20 countries, also creating a special connection to Japan, where he starts an intense and passionate collaboration with Pentax.

In 1980 his first book is published with sonnets composed by Serge Gainsbourg. He will publish 25 books (more than 700.000 sold), calenders and postcards. 


Jacques Bourboulon naked model


While constantly returning to Ibiza to fuel his creativity Jacques decided to share his passion with the public and started organizing workshops, further expositions and conferences throughout the world. These bring him to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tokyo.

After 1989 he dedicated himself more to landscape photography, still live and documentary images which finally leads him towards portrait photography and a project and book about the chefs of great restaurants in New York, London, Paris, Provence - Cote d´Azur, as well as the makers of the grand crus of Bordelais.

Over his career more than 150 exhibitions have been dedicated to his work.


Jacques Bourboulon swimming pool naked model


Jacques Bourboulon beach naked model


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