Activism – Can Pep Rey


We at Can Pep Rey have always been certain that supporting social and environmental projects that can help make our planet a better place, be it in form of small donations or through posts in our social networks, is an obligation to us and our business.

Something that has always been a disturbing and unpleasant factor to us was that we seemingly were only reacting to singular events regarding a multitude of issues. We were helping in the way we could but it did not feel like we were contributing to long term change but rather reacting to a trend, and when the trend faded we seemingly moved on.

Our goal is to create a platform that creates real impact for ecological or social change. Our new concept is Can Pep Rey Activism.

We are currently developing a strategy and guide line with a collaborating with Esade Business School. 

If you have thought, ideas or question about this topic please get in touch by