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Unusual places

Unusual places

A selection of unusual skiing resorts

The St. Moritz road is still jammed, a family week in the Alps is not enough it's time to pack your skis and move on. Adventure awaits! There is no shortage of exotic places in the world where you can ride on our beloved boards. Especially for you, we have found the most unexpected places, where snow and the wild joy of skiing on unknown slopes await us ski lovers.


Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii is not all about surfboards, coconuts and grass skirts. A volcano dominates the island, from which you can go skiing!

There is no lift on Manua Kea, which is 4,205 m long. The only way to get to the top is to drive a 4WD car. Before that, it is worth checking if the roads are cleared of snow - this is not a joke! Winter in Hawaii runs from November to March, and then the highest peak of the youngest US state is usually covered with snow. All this seems like a great adventure, but it is only for experienced skiers. The routes are not prepared, there is not much snow, you have to watch out for protruding and razor-sharp volcanic rocks, in a word you slide down at your own risk! Aloha!

Mauna Kea Foto: "Mauna Kea, Hawaii" de snowfore1, <>



Masik Pass, North Korea

Skiing in North Korea ?! On January 1, 2014, North Korea a country that is struggling to feed its citizens opened its first "luxury" ski resort. Masikryong Ski Resort has nine slopes, two chairlifts, an ice rink, a swimming pool and a hotel building. The whole thing cost 35 million US dollars. There are rumors that guests even have Internet access there.

North Korea's mountain terrain resembles the European Alps, snowfall is similar to Japan, and it could possibly be one of the best places to ski in the world. It is a pity that so few people will be able to find out about it ...

MASIK PASS SKI RESORT. The first resort to open in North Korea. <>



Parnassos, Greece

It may come as a surprise to some, but in the country of Zeus and feta cheese, we can find several ski resorts.
The most famous is Mount Parnassus, with over 36 km of ski slopes. And although there are no challenges for experienced skiers here, on the beard of Zeus after all, you ride the slopes that were once the home of Apollo and his muses!

Mount Parnassos Foto: 'Mount Parnassos (Greece) ' de snowfore1 <>



Dizin and Shemshak, Iran

For a country known mainly for its hot climate - both in terms of weather and political moods, Iran is an exceptionally interesting place to ski.

The Zagros Mountains are a chain in which as many as five peaks reach a height of over 4,000 m above sea level. The most famous ski resorts are Dizin and Shemshak, located
a few hours drive from Tehran. Until recently, there were separate ski lifts for women and men here, today the rules have been unraveled and everyone can enjoy one of the longest
ski runs in the world. Excellent snow conditions and a daily ski pass at a price of about 6 euros mean that Iran was being visited by more and more skiers from Europe before the US sanctions. It's worth it!

Shemshak. Ski resort in Iran. <>


Oukaïmeden, Morocco

Too long queue for the lift? Ride the top on a donkey!
Located in the high Atlas Mountains, Oukaïmeden is one of the best ski resorts in Africa. Located 80 km south of Marrakesh, it offers several routes and the possibility of going up to an altitude of over 3000 m above sea level. The local infrastructure leaves much to be desired, but the folklore in the form of the aforementioned donkeys as a ski-taxi makes the place worth visiting.

Oukaimeden. Ski Resort. Facebook <>




Hokkaido - Niseko, Japan

Japan is an increasingly popular destination among skiers and snowboarders who want a taste of diving into real snow. In the north of the country, snow cover often exceeds 8 m, and white flakes fall from the sky on average more than 130 days a year. This is due to the influx of cold air masses, which, moving from over Siberia, meet the warm and humid air from the Sea of Japan, forming wet snow clouds. Falling snow can be so thick that you cannot see your hands stretched out in front of you, and within 24 hours it can fall even 2 meters. Approximately 72% of the country's area is mountainous and most of them are perfect for winter sports. The best ski resorts are on the island of Hokkaido, and the most popular of them is Niseko now considered a must-see in many global ski rankings.

Niseko Grand Hirafu Foto: 'Mt Yotei from Niseko, Hokkaido Japan' of Mike Banks <>



Etna, Sicily

The highest volcano in Europe is of course another skiing opportunity.
Two ski resorts located on the slopes of Mount Etna offer several ski slopes and chair lifts, which were completely destroyed during the lava eruption in 2001. Etna is an active volcano that reminds of itself, smoking sulfur from time to time, and erupts every two years, blocking the surrounding airports.

Mount Etna Nicolosi Foto: 'Etna' de massimo. <>




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