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"Under the moon with a cup of wine" by Rose Madone

"Under the moon with a cup of wine" by Rose Madone

On Saturday the 13th of November, we opened our studio to celebrate the launch of Rose Madone’s new collaboration, “Under the moon with a cup of wine”.  This has been an ongoing project over the past four years. It all started when Rose met Paul in Barcelona five years ago, when asked to model for a Can Pep Rey published book entitled “Bar Costa”. A collaboration born out of friendship and creativity, accompanied by a glass of red wine. Rose transformed our headquarters in Barcelona into her own imagined world and invited guests to share an evening of celebration under the moon. “My paintings are here to express the complexity of the human being”, Rose explains.

A canvas hung from the roof covering the facade of the studio reading “Under the Moon”,  alongside a jumpsuit from the collection. Rose’s work covered the walls, music played in the background and guests were invited to a glass of wine. A video of Rose in her studio played on loop. Photos of the artist modelling for the brand and the collection, were displayed in the centre of the store. Rose created a sculpture representing the exhibition, which comprised of cleansing herbs, a crystal and a glass of red wine. A true representation of Rose. The collection includes a jumpsuit, jacket and a blanket printed with Rose’s renowned geometric prints. Josephine Leddet’s photography brought the collection to life. Rose and Josephine collaborated creating a scene where the models formed shapes echoing her work. Rose describes the interpretation as a way to “give life to my lines”. The models are seen wearing the unisex organic cotton jumpsuits, cut from a pattern of the artists painting. We caught up with Rose, to talk a bit about our collaboration.


On Collaboration, friendship and creativity:

“Bar Costa” was the first creative project we worked on together. I met Paul, when my real life started. I found the freedom to change countries and immediately we had a connection as friends. We started talking about the collaboration four years ago, and that’s when I was asked to visit Can Pep Rey in Ibiza. I started painting on fabrics on the rooftop, and the house has a magic feeling that I can’t describe. It’s in the mountains and surrounded by pine trees and nature. I was inspired by the figs, red wine and the nature and I created different work to in my studio. I think its cool because Paul and Lea are such creative people and they are artists at heart. My idea was to carry on the idea of the picnic, but take it into the evening. When you start to drink your red wine, the moon appears and after a few cups you are a little drunk, but not too much. Your mind starts connecting and opening and these are the moments with your friends when you have philosophical moments about changing the world. This is why I chose to call the collection “Under the moon with a cup of wine.” It was all about connecting to something more than humanity and this whole collaboration is made with people who I truly love.”


On conscious consumption:

“I share the same ethics about being environmentally aware like Can Pep Rey, even though it can be very hard to stand against fast fashion. This is why I chose to collaborate with them because I respect their brand identity and the changes they are making for the environment.”


The moon:

“The moon in mythology is the sister of the sun. She represents the woman. She controls the ocean. I like this symbol because this is a subtle way to talk about the universe, energy and the place of the woman. The moon is the little bit of light among the darkness. I aways felt more connected to my masculine side; I guess that was my way to protect myself as a women. I come from the country side in France and some parts are not easy to be around. I feel that when I moved to Barcelona, I connected more with myself and not the projections I had of myself. Now I know I have power as a woman, and I don’t want to hide myself anymore.”



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