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Preorder  - welcome to responsible shopping

Preorder - welcome to responsible shopping

The truth is that we at Can Pep Rey as a sustainable and conscious brand also feel at times a bit overwhelmed as the list dos and don't keeps growing. Luckily your next sustainable fashion investment does not have to be made of hemp, upcycled materials or even organic cotton. Opposite, shopping with the environment in mind can be as easy as placing an early order. This is why we want to give you dear customers the option of early ordering so we ask our factories to produce only the amount required. Like this we don´t overproduce and there is no waste, plus no need to participate in a vicious and predictable cycle of sales. 

Can Pep Rey Preorder
Can Pep Rey Preorder

However, let's start from the beginning on…  before what we know as an Industrial Revolution, meaning mechanized manufacturing and the factory system arrived, we talking 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840, people had their clothes made-to-order, most times completely bespoke. Gone are those days… 

Once ready-to-wear became the more affordable, and thus popular, option, made-to-order clothes became a luxury as the time and production required for bespoke garments came with a substantial price tag. 


Can Pep Rey Preorder

So to say,  the pre-order model gives an audience back to how clothing used to be made before ready-to-wear was introduced in the 19th century. Back to the roots, back to organic and more personal ways of dressing. And that's what we are looking for at CPR unique, seasonless and apparel enjoyed by all genders.

Can Pep Rey Preorder


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