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Can Pep Rey at Camping

Can Pep Rey at Camping

Everybody is an artist, therefore everyone is invited

One of our goals is to promote creative expresion in every area. We will be presenting a selection of young and emerging artists that have caught our attention; their artworks will be displayed in a postcard format.

Day: 26th of May
Location: Carrer de Carmen Amaya, 1808018 Barcelona
Hours: 17:00h - 21:00h  


Proceeds of the exhibition go to EARTHCHILD PROJECT





"Everyone is an artist" - Jospeh Beuys

For Beuys “artist” was the word to describe the essence of what it means to be a human being: The deep need and fundamental ability to create and be creative.

In this sense, “everyone is an artist” means that everyone can and needs to be creative — so you can be an “artistic” mother, an “artistic” manager, an “artistic” bus driver, even an “artistic” politician. It doesn’t matter what your means of expression are — being an artist means being creative in whatever way is available for and feels natural to you.



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