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Walid Mountassir, playing the Guembri - presented by Uzza and Can Pep Rey

Walid Mountassir, playing the Guembri - presented by Uzza and Can Pep Rey

Can Pep Rey & Uzza Skincare invite you to a Guembri concert at CPR

Day: 23 APRIL 2022

Location: C/Sant Joaquim 23, Barcelona | CAN PEP REY house (next to Plaza del Sol)

Hours: 17h-20h

Cost of the ticket: 18€ (Free drinks and snacks included) - Limited seats! 



17h - doors open

You are welcome to come from 17h on to discover more about Can Pep Rey and Uzza Skincare, during this day Uzza's products will be exclusively available in our shop.

18h - concert starts

Enjoy a Guembri concert with drinks and snacks provided by us.


About UZZA

Uzza is a skincare brand that celebrates Moroccan botany and North African beauty culture. Uzza’s products are sustainably made in Barcelona, with most of their ingredients coming from the Toudarte cooperative, a cooperative formed by women in the Agadir area. They work on the entire process (from harvesting to extraction and packaging) of these products, and they are Ecocert and Normacert certified. Uzza’s products are for all ages, genders and skin types.

In Morocco, wellness is experienced in community and it is often a bridge that unites strangers. Everybody has a seat at the table.

Click here to discover more about the brand.


About Gnawa music

Gnawa is a genre of music formerly enslaved by black Africans, who integrated into Moroccan cultural and social landscapes. This was when a model to preserve the traditions and folkloric music of their ancestors was founded.

In addition to the spiritual motif, Gnawa music is also used as socio-political activism. Fighting against extremism, specifically racism and terrorism.

The music has a well-preserved heritage. A combination of ritual poetry, traditional music and dancing. The music is performed at lila, a communal night of celebration. Dedicated to prayer and healing. Guided by the Gnawa maalem, or master musician, and their group of musicians and dancers.

Gnawa songs’ lyrics often promote positive values and advocate for racial equality, tolerance, peace, respect for all humans, and universal love. As a result, Gnawa music began to be used as a socio-political tool, against extremist groups, racism and Salafist islamism.

Instagram @walidmahmoudmountassir



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