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New release - EMLE - Stories II

New release - EMLE - Stories II


Our friend Emily Metzger aka EMLE just released her second self produced album, stories II.

It is a collection of stories dealing with the process of unlearning. Unlearning things and thoughts you were taught by others or yourself. Unlearning the way, things are supposed to be, sounds are supposed to sound like and unlearning the way how songs are supposed to be structured.

It is about changing the perspective, leaving known filters of judgement behind and asking yourself, how you see things now.

EMLE has no musical education, she plays no instrument and never learned how to produce music. This is what she regards as her biggest creative potential and freedom. She embraces the power of the free experiment and listening to her inner intuition apart from all the standards of ‚wrong‘ or ‚right‘. She doesn’t know how a certain instrument should be played, but she can find out how it has to sound for her individual perception.

The process of unlearning offers big potential. If we stop to do things the way we were told to do them and the way we ‚always‘ did them, we can start to find how we can deal with them from now on. This is the beginning of change, and the only way how truly new things can grow.

If this would happen more often in the creative world, we would all feel surprised more frequently. And a surprise is what enriches the usual over and over again.

EMLE regards this as a fascinating thought, even apart from the context of music. It can influence many things in a positive way. Maybe we should start to unlearn what we learned to get to know how we feel about those things now. She hopes that her album can inspire people with this message: Let’s start to learn how to unlearn!

Happy listening!


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