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Stripe Japanese Towel

  • Composition: 83% Cotton 17% Polyester
  • Sourced in Japan & made in Italy
  • Weight: 333 gsm
Japanese Towel fabric, ingeniously crafted from a blend of 83% Reclaimed Cotton and 17% Polyester mid-weighted at 333 gsm. This composition signifies our commitment to sustainability, as the fabric is produced from reclaimed waste material that undergoes reprocessing into new fibers and spun into extra long yarn loops. Experience the eco-conscious essence of this fabric, sourced directly from Japan, a country renowned for its textile expertise and Discover the perfect balance of substance and practicality with this fabric, as its weighted nature ensures durability, while it has a textured surface. Featuring a single-knit interior and a Japanese Towel exterior. Featuring piping in the inner seams, providing structure and a refined finish.


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