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Cotton Viscose Sheen

  • Composition: 58% Cotton 42% Viscose
  • Sourced and made in Italy

Introducing our remarkable Two-sided Twill fabric, carefully crafted with a composition of 58% Cotton and 42% Viscose, meticulously sourced from Italy. This fabric stands as our flagship statement for the season, with an exquisite Viscose sheen finish that adds a touch of elegance. What truly sets this fabric apart is its reversible nature, allowing for versatile styling options. We take pride in using environmentally friendly Viscose, derived from the cellulose or wood pulp of renewable trees such as eucalyptus, beech, and pine. We also utilize other sustainable plant sources like bamboo, soy, and sugar cane. By choosing this fabric, you contribute to the conservation of our planet.
The garments made from it possess both structure and comfort. The inner lining, crafted from Cotton, gives a solid foundation, while the Viscose offers a graceful and subtle drape that enhances the overall aesthetic.


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