Event: Can Pep Rey x Graphpaper x Jacques Bourboulon

The Can Pep Rey - In Residence Series aims to bring forward and promote artist from around the world that we feel connected to. 

For our Spring Summer 2018 Collection we worked with French photographer Jacques Bourboulon, who lived at Can Pep Rey from 1973 - 1989. It is a personal project between the previous and new residents of this remarkable house, connected by a passion for its architecture, atmosphere and surrounding nature.

During his period in Ibiza the island was a refuge for hippies, artists and other free spirits from all over the world. His photographs are a testament to the freedom and experimentation of this time.

For a week in May Graphpaper entrusted us with the upper level of their store which we turned into a small gallery to present a small selection of Jacques images. 







During our opening event we talked to the guys from Them magazine, a Tokyo based fashion magazine. You can find the interview here (Japanese).




All images were shot by Keisuke Iba (@keisukeis) and Paul Conradi.

For the full selection of Jacques work and his biography, head here