Towel Terry Melange

Towel Terry Melange


Our Terry Melange is sourced and made in Portugal, composed of 100% Organic Cotton. This fabric holds the outside structure of a towel, with a comfortable fluffy inside. This is a mid-weight Terry has a naturally soft feeling and is one of the most comfortable materials in the collection. With a special texture on the outside of the fabric, this is a classic sweatshirt material elevated. 

This is a general guide on how to care for your garments. Helping maintain the longevity of each garment.

Verified as a GOTS Global Organic Textile which means the textile contains a minimum of 70% of organic fibres.



Our Terry Melange we suggest washing at 30°C or hand washing for spot treatments, in order to expose the garment less, prolonging the longevity of the garment. Shake your garment out before putting it in the washing machine. We recommend turning garments inside out to avoid damage to the colour, alternatively wash your garment in a washing bag.


Hanging your garment to dry is recommended, allowing it to form its natural shape. Gently pull the garment and shape it to return to its original shape as it begins to dry. Let the garment air dry on a padded hanger. 


Our Terry Melange doesn’t need ironing, save energy by simply shaking or stretching the garment when it comes out of the washing machine. Let it dry on a plane surface or on a hanger. If the garment does need ironing, then we recommend placing a slightly damp cloth over the thread to avoid direct heat. Direct heat may ruin the material. 

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