Fabric sourced in Italy, 50% Cotton combined with 50% Cotton Modal made in Portugal. Lightweight, stretchy, and breathable in nature. This textile takes beech tree pulp and turns it into an eco-conscious, durable option for a pure cotton blend finish. The blend of Cotton and Modal gives the fabric structure and lightness. Our Cotton Modal pieces are permanent items in our Summer Collections. 

This is a general guide on how to care for your Cotton Modal garments. Helping maintain the longevity of each garment.




Cotton needs to be washed frequently, because it does not have the natural anti-bacterial and odour-resistant properties of other fabrics. We suggest washing it at 30°C or hand washing it for spot treatments. Wash colourful garments inside out before washing, for the purpose of protecting the outer surface of the fabric.


This fabric has a quick drying process. Give the fabric a gentle stretch or shake when the piece comes out of the washing machine, getting it back to its natural shape. To prevent shrinkage or deformation in the drying process, the yarn should be air-dried out of direct sunlight if possible, and to dry on a plane surface. 


Cotton garments usually don’t need ironing, if you gently shake or stretch the garment out when it comes out the washing machine and let them dry on a plane surface your garment will be wrinkle-free. If the garment needs ironing, then we recommend placing a slightly damp cloth over the thread to avoid direct heat ruining the material, or using the steam setting on the iron. Tip: You can hang the garment in your bathroom. The heat and steam of the shower help remove the wrinkles of the garment. 

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