Seville 508

Seville 508


Seville is a fabric composed of 100% Cotton sourced in France and made in Portugal. The fabric has a weaved striped pattern on each side, with a textured feel. The perfect summer fabric which is lightweight and easy to travel with. This fabric has a compact weave and and unique texture for each garment. 



Our Seville we suggest washing at 30°C or hand washing it for spot treatments. Make sure your garment is washed inside out to protect any button closures. This will also protect the outer surface of the fabric.


Give the fabric a gentle stretch or shake when the piece comes out of the washing machine, getting it back to its natural shape. To prevent shrinkage or deformation in the drying process, the fabric should be air-dried out of direct sunlight if possible, and to dry on a plane surface. 


The Seville fabric is crease proof and does not need ironing or steaming. if you gently shake or stretch the garment out when it comes out the washing machine and let them dry on a plane surface your garment will be crease-free. Tip: You can hang the garment in your bathroom. The heat and steam of the shower help remove the wrinkles of the garment. 

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