Cotton Printed T-Shirts

Cotton Printed T-Shirts


Our 100% Printed Cotton T-Shirt made and sourced in Italy. This is a wonderful natural yarn that grows with minimal impact on our planet, supporting biodiversity and ecosystem. Cotton fabric is durable and easy to care for. Is a breathable, moisture-absorbent and soft fabric, feeling it natural on your body.

This is a general guide on how to care for your 100% Cotton garment, helping you make your clothes look better and last longer.



Cotton needs to be washed a little more often since it does not have the natural anti-bacterial and odour-resistant properties. We suggest washing it at 30°C or hand washing for spot treatments, in order to expose the yarn to less stress , prolonging the lifetime of the garment. Since its coloured garments, we recommend turning them inside out before washing, for the purpose of protecting the outer surface of the fabric. To keep the print nice, make sure you turn your piece on the left side before putting it in the washing machine. 


Give a gentle stretch or shake when the piece comes out of the washing machine to get them back into its natural shape. To prevent shrinkage or deformation in the drying process, the yarn should be air-dried and out of the sun if possible and dry it on a plane surface. 


Cotton garments often don’t need ironing if you gently shake or stretch them when they come out of the washing machine and let them dry on a plane surface. If the garments do need ironing, then we recommend placing a slightly damp cloth over the thread to avoid direct heat ruining the material or ironing the piece on the left side to protect the print.

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