Virgin Wool Argo

Virgin Wool Argo


Exceptionally -soft and cosy irregular fishbone wool fabric made in Italy . It is made out of 100%  virgin wool which is taken from the lamb´s first shearing. This first lot of wool from a lamb is the finest and softest wool taken from a sheep during its life. 

This fabric is a dream to wear - it's lightweight, wrinkle-free travelling essential, has good recovery, and feels luxurious. It is the perfect fabric for colder days  as it is airy and light.  A classic textile of the highest quality for every elegant wardrobe.

This is a general guide on how to care for your 100% Virgin Wool garment, helping you make your clothes look better and last longer.



Because virgin wool is so delicate, we recommend always hand washing it with lukewarm water or using the washing machine on the wool setting (usually gentle action at 40ºC) or washing cycle for delicates. Use an appropriate soap made to specifically wash wool so as not to damage the scales. 


It is recommended that these garments are flat dried after washing, on surfaces away from direct sunlight. To speed up the drying process, you can roll your clothes in white towels to absorb the water. Never hang up wet knitwear, it will lose its shape. Virgin wool should not be dried in an electric dryer. 


Set the iron on the Wool or Medium heat setting. Too hot-a-setting could lead to discolouration or in the worst case causes scorch marks. However, the best option is to lay the garment flat and gently reshape and size by hand; this way it will be wrinkle free.

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