Our knitwear is made from 100% Cotton, sourced in Italy and knitted in Belgium. It is a very light summer cotton that is warming and cooling at the same time. It is a perfect key piece for your wardrobe that will stay for ever because of its great quality. This type of cotton is soft and not itchy.

In case a thread is pulled you can easily pull it back in with a needle from the inside. 

This is a general guide on how to care for your Knitwear garment, helping you make your clothes look better and last longer.



This knitted garment requires delicate care. Cotton knit pieces can be machine washed, but it isn’t recommended. If you want to do so only or cold wash and spin slow. For added protection during machine washing, use a washing bag or mesh cloth. Hand washing is the most recommended treatment, both in cold or warm water. Use an organic detergent such as soap nuts, wash the garment gently without pulling the fabric and without soaking for a long time.


We recommend drying your cotton knit garment flat and lying. Also, you can lay a towel on the floor and top the piece of clothing to absorb moisture, then switch sides after a day. Drying this type of fiber in the dryer is prohibited and it is not recommended to hang wet knitwear as they stretch and lose their natural shape.


We recommend not ironing your garment to avoid damaging it, as it will naturally straighten after drying. However, if necessary, you can iron the garment slightly inside out at a very low temperature and use a cloth to preserve the fiber.

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