Airy Cotton Silk Mix

Airy Cotton Silk Mix


Cotton and Silk fabric made in Italy (75% and 25% respectively). This blend is super light and incredibly strong, but airy structure. The garment has a natural irregularity caused by the silk, which gives a very modern touch. The airy structure makes the material very flexible and stretchy without the need of Elastane. The look of the material is slightly see through, high-end and mellow at the same time. Perfect for traveling since the structure won't show you any wrinkles, wear it directly after unpacking it from your suitcase.

This is a general guide on how to care for your Cotton Silk garment, helping you make your clothes look better and last longer.




We recommend you dry clean. Defer to the professionals when it comes to taking care of difficult stains, if you try the opposite it could be irreversible and have a worse result.


Do not put in the dryer. The best is to drip dry in the shade, to allow the cotton silk garment to air dry flat or on a hanger. 


Only use the steaming option to remove wrinkles. Cotton Silk should be ironed on the reverse side. Do not store in direct sunlight or in a damp place.


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